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• 5/28/2018

Wiki missing the basics

I can't find an explanation of what the stats do, as in, what is Rage? What do I do with summoning points? And stuff like that.

What about companions? What are those and how do I get them? Are they just roleplay or do they help stats or are they a permanent summon?
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• 5/29/2018
I may make a page on those soon, but here's my answer to your questions as of right now (can't make a page rn since im on my phone): Rage is used to unlock Taijutsu Combos and some Sub-Jutsu. Summoning Points are used to unlock some Summon-Type scrolls after they have been collected, and Companions were a feature of Caribbros' previous game (Shinobi Life) that will most likely be added in a future update. In SL, companions were an instantaneous summon of a person or tailed beast that, when summoned, quickly used one of its signature moves from the anime and then disappeared. I hope this has answered your questions.
• 5/29/2018
maybe make a guide for newbies page on the front page
• 5/31/2018
I added the stats page <3
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