General Information

The Land of Snow is a location located near Ryuchi Cave and Final Valley. The location has an icy and snowy terrain, as all the bodies of water turn into ice. The Land of Snow is bare, except for the two level 475 Rogue Samurais.

Ryo Farming

The Land of Snow is a good source for farming money (Ryo), because when you defeat the Rogues, you get 7500 Ryo. An effective way of defeating them quickly is by using the fire breath ninjutsu (unlocked at level 54) together with a KG that grants more chakra. Combining this with the Ice KG's Ice Mirrors or even the Lava KG's Lava Bullets, can also speed up the process.

Warning: Be sure to maintain a safe distance from the Rogues, because they can slowly run through the fire and attack you, resulting in a trip to the nearest hospital. (Most of the time)