Magnet Release is a Kekkei Genkai that has a 1/7 chance of being spun.


  • High Damage


  • Long cool down
  • Drains a lot of chakra [ Paired with the Sub-Jutsu Sand Combat, and charging chakra quickly after, makes it more reasonable. ]


  • Sand Wave: This move is similar to Water Wave. When used, it sends out a a Wave of Sand that does a good damage.
  • Sand Burial: This move is a jutsu similar to Amaterasu and Dragon Breath. When used, it traps the target in the air and does constant damage while the user keeps holding the mouse and while he has chakra.
  • Sand Defense: This move summons a small pile of sand that you can ride.


This KG is based off of the Magnet Release Elemental KG that is used by Gaara.