Sage Mode
Sage Mode-0


This mode is found at Mount Myoboku. This Sub-Jutsu spawns every 3 hours. Naruto spawns behind the Toad summoning near the wall. When it spawns, Sage Mode Naruto will appear with a scroll in front of him. To collect the scroll, all one must do is step into the circle, and Naruto will vanish, granting you the Sage Art Toad in your Sub-Jutsu menu.
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Location (BETA)


  • +30 HP
  • +35 Chakra
  • +65 Stamina (might recharge slower)


  • Active: When you press Z with this mode on, you will be able to use Wind Style: Rasen-Shuriken, Naruto's move in the manga & anime. Unlike other handheld jutsu in this game such as the rasengan and the chidori, Wind Style: Rasenshuriken can not be held. Instead it's sent out as soon as you press Z. This can be positive or negative, and could be used to combo.
  • Passive: This passive utilize Frog Kata which enhances your taijutsu and lets you use taijutsu from greater distances.


  • This is the Sage mode from Naruto in the manga and anime.
  • This mode can stack with your KGs.
  • Sage Art Toad changes the way your eyes look to the way that Minato Namikaze and Naruto Uzumaki's eyes look when they're using Toad Sage Mode. This can be countered by using a dojutsu (i.e. Sharingan, Byakugan) and turning that KG off to revert the eyes to normal but still keep toad sage mode on.