The Susanoo Editor is a new function in the Beta version of Beyond, it is used at the uchiha base right outside the leaf, it allows for a susanoo of varying colors, weapons, and cosmetics. This editor also allows a person to purchase the custom sharingan kg, and choose the moves for it from there.

  • The ways of customizing are with:
  1. The color of the entire Susanoo(Over 128 colors to choose from)
  2. The Cosmetic armor and headpiece on the susanoo
  3. The weapons it holds, being: The Crossbow, the Drill Lance, And the Dual Kusanagi.
  4. The Custom Sharingan skills, and design


It has three forms


The first form, being the base form, surrounds the player in a susanoo ribcage that has a skeletal hand attached to it This is the fastest attacking of the susanoo forms, having its big fist move at the speed of normal combat


Then you have the 2nd form, being the Skeletal form, which a giant skeleton that surrounds the player this is the most "normal" of the susanoo forms not really having much more than a size increase.

And lastly the 3rd form, being the Armored form where you can use the susanoo weapon of your choice, along with multiple cosmetic options and colors. This is the most versatile of the susanoo's, giving a wide variety of options in combat with a range weapon block

Obtaining it:

To get to edit your very own Susanoo you must have the custom sharingan kg which is purchasable for 120 million Ryo. this will replace the 3rd kg slot you have with it.



Dual kusanagi: the fastest susanno weapon while still very slow, its heavy attack is shooting 2 slices of condensed chakra at the cost of 15 stamina.


Crossbow: This weapon is the second slowest susanno weapon, with the unique ability to fire arrows with its heavy attack these arrows last for a long time and hit for basic melee damage.


Drill Spear: the outright slowest susanno weapon, its notable for the fact that it is the only susanno weapon that can miss, but once it hits can send the opponent flying with its heavy attack, being a Spear Charge


The NPC you need to talk to for you to customize your very own susanno, and obtain the custom sharingan kg is at the Uchiha clan base, where you have to enter the small house.